Corey's endorsements

Former Congressman Tom Tancredo (CD-6)


"Given my past experience in both the State House and in Congress, I firmly believe that Corey has what it takes to be an exceptional state representative! It's not difficult for anyone to see that Corey is a fighter, and will fight every day to make Colorado a better place for all Coloradans! Corey has my full support in his effort to serve as the next Representative for House District 63!"

Former Senator Kevin Lundberg (SD-15)


"As I have gotten to know Corey, I've come to the conclusion that he has not only the courage, but the principles to do the right thing! We need that more today than we've ever needed it in the State of Colorado! Corey needs our support in his fight to bring back some of the common sense and conservative principles we've been missing in our State Legislature! I hope you will join me in supporting him to become your next Representative!"

Former Senator Dave Schultheis (SD-9)


 "It doesn’t take much time being with Corey Seulean, to be convinced that he truly holds a clear and unwavering resolve to stand firm in support of the core conservative values, both fiscal and moral, that the majority of Colorado citizens hold dear. His commitment to these values is unwavering; it is in his DNA as well as his adherence to Scripture.  He will be a warrior for truth as he seeks to restore the freedoms that government has usurped over the past decades.  He will be an excellent State Representative  for the citizens of House District 63 as well as for all the citizens of Colorado.” 

Pastor Gordon Alley


"Most Politicians will say whatever they need to say to get elected, but Corey Seulean is the real deal! He has a proven track record of standing tall for good and righteousness these past 25 years! I know he will continue to stand for good and righteous values as your State Representative!"

Steve McLean, CEO - W.P. Manufacturing


"Corey is the right mix of man for the job. He has a great balance of leadership, compassion and unbending drive for doing what is best for people. His high values, impeccable moral integrity, and relentless work ethic, coupled with his decades of experience with people in all walks of life, equip him well to be the great public servant we need representing us in our community. He has my vote and highest recommendation!"

Jim Weaver, CEO - Cutting Edge Steal


"I wholeheartedly endorse Corey Seulean for State Representative.  He is a solid individual with strong values and loves Colorado.  He will represent us all well and make a difference for Colorado!"