Fighting for Colorado's Future


Let's Fight for Colorado's Future!

We can make a difference in Colorado.  We need to fight for righteousness, life, our rights, family values, freedom, parents rights, and so much more.  Together, we will bring Colorado back to God and make our state safe for future generations to come.

You really can make a difference!  Your vote counts.  You can help spread the message, and you can pray! 

"There are those who lead, those who support the leaders, and those who do nothing!"

Core Values

Sanctity of Life


We believe that life begins at conception and that all life, born and unborn, is precious to God and is worth protecting.  Abortion is the murder of our children and we need to fight for their right to life! As you state rep, I will introduce legislation to defend our unborn children!

2nd Amendment Rights


The constitution clearly gives us the right to protect our families, our homes and our persons.  There are those in government who are actively seeking to take this fundamental right away. As your Representative, I will be a front line defender of the Second Amendment and our constitution

Oil & Gas Independence

The Oil & Gas industry of Colorado is essential to our state's economy. It is crucial that no additi

 The Oil & Gas industry of Colorado is essential to our state's economy. It is crucial that no additional setbacks or limitations be placed on oil and gas production. I proudly stand with and support our oil and gas communities, and when elected, I will stand strong in defending Welds Energy Independence!

School Choice


We need to give parents more choices in the education of their children.  It is the parents rights to determine where their children go to school.  Vouchers will be beneficial to help give parents options.  The state needs to relinquish control back to the parents.

Religious Freedoms


This nation was founded upon the idea of religious freedom.  The government needs to stay out of the house of God and let the citizens of our country worship God with the freedom from restraints that some in the government would want to put upon us.  God help America to stay free!

Limited Government


It is so clear that government has expanded far past the original intent of our founding fathers.  We need lower taxes, less restrictions and regulations and a government that knows it's place.  I vow myself to work towards limiting  government overreach and make sure we stay within our boundaries.

Fight Illegal Immigration


I believe that those who come to our country must come legally!  If we allow them to break the law to enter our country, we will be encouraging them to break laws once they arrive.  We are a nation of laws and these laws must be upheld!

Traditional Family


God's Word is very clear that marriage is the holy union between one man and one woman. Our society is aiming at tearing down the traditional family unit and God's plan for families. Let's not forget that God's ways are always best.

Defending TABOR


The Tax Payers Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of our constitutional rights and must never be infringed upon.  I am committed to defending TABOR unapologetically on behalf of the Colorado taxpayers!!