About Me

In 1969 Corey was born in Anderson, IN. At the age of 9, Corey moved to Napa Valley, CA with his mother Debbie. He attended Napa Valley High-School where he participated in high school football, baseball, track, cross country, and tennis. After graduating from Napa in 1987, Corey returned to Indiana where he attended Hyles-Anderson College of Hammond. It was there he was introduced to his wife, Pam, and was later married in 1992. After graduating from HAC, Corey and Pam moved to Longmont, CO to start a church and build a life for them and their family. Together, they have raised five children – David, Joseph, Stephen, Benjamin, and Jack – who all call Colorado their home. Their son Joseph is currently serving as a Cavalry Scout in the U.S. Army. Corey and Pam currently reside in Firestone, CO with their two youngest children

In addition to founding and pastoring Hopewell Baptist Church, for the past 25 years Corey has been an active leader in Colorado business as well as a three-time entrepreneur. As a current leader in Marketplace Chaplain CO, he ministers weekly to employees of businesses all across the Front Range. Corey has also founded three small businesses since graduating college. His unique perspective as an entrepreneur and community leader, paired with his driving passion for conservative values will bring an independent voice and clear vision to the State Legislature!